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Smells and Bluebelles…. CMA October

Have you ever got a whiff of something and thought, “Pew! What is that smell??” Or on the other hand, breathed in the wonderful smells of the morning air, freshly mowed grass, burning leaves or better yet… new leather! All of these have a distinctive odor and can take you back to places in your mind that trigger either good or bad memories in your life. My personal favorite is the smell of the fields as you roll through the night time air on a country road; sure it’s a little buggy, but there’s nothing like the soft roar of your bike rolling down a country road with nothing else around but you, the breeze and for me, the soft presence of the Lord.

It’s comforting to know that no matter where I am in life, I have a comforter Who is always with me. How do I know that? Because He promised He would be. Many friends have come and gone, many family members are no longer with me in the physical, but my Savior, Jesus and His Holy Spirit are with me continuously. 

I know, I know, you may be reading this and thinking, “Just another religious nut trying to cram it down our throat.” Maybe you won’t finish reading the article. But maybe, just maybe it’s what you need to hear right now. Maybe this time of year all the different smells and sounds have brought back memories you don’t care to deal with. Maybe you are holding on to a moment of unforgiveness, heartbreak or loss. Maybe someone has created a situation in your life that you could not control, and you are at a breaking point, the anger and bitterness has taken root so deep that you cannot find peace. That can be changed, you know.

I had a great loss a few years ago, December of 2016. My son died of a heart attack leaving 4 beautiful daughters and a wife behind. That was a hard phone call to take, and it’s even harder to watch my family go through the hurt, anger, and confusion that they have all been going through at different paces. But go THROUGH we must. Just like traveling down that country road, beautiful and serene as it is, there are still obstacles on the way through. Deer, raccoon, opossum….and if you have allergies you are probably going to get a nose full of pollen and be stuffy and sneezing like crazy! But we still go through, don’t we? And we do reach the other side of the valley. Sometimes it takes longer. Sometimes it is a painful process, but if we let the process complete what it has to complete in us, if we allow the God of all creation, Who’s very hand created us, do what He needs to do in us to bring us through to the end of the journey, we will come out better, stronger, and more capable to get through the next leg of the journey with a stronger sense of who we are in Christ. And that, my friends, is the key… in Christ! You can do all things IN CHRIST that will strengthen you. (Philippians 4:13)

So yes…I am quite attached to my Savior and I am so ready to show you how you can be too!

Time to go…I have a date with my new ride, Bluebelle and Jesus! Maybe we’ll meet on that country road sometime…?

Mary G

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