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Spring is in full Swing!

Hello!, and may I say to our TRO readers; Happy New Year!  I trust you are getting off to a great start in 2020! It’s already March and according to Punxsutawney Phil, spring is going to be six weeks early!

As for me, I have my plane ticket in hand and a Spyder rental on hold to attend a Spyder Ryde in Globe, Arizona the first week of April. I hope to share a couple of photos and write about that experience for the April issue. 

Locally, riding season is gearing up in many ways.  For starters, the Greater Akron Motorcycle Group held their annual meet and greet at Buffalo Wild Wings in Medina to compile the 2020 event calendar. 

The Greater Akron Area Motorcycle events calendar is the most comprehensive resource pocket guide to reference rides, bike nights, and benefits around the Great Akron area.  10,000 guides are distributed through sponsors and partners throughout the state of Ohio by Thunder Roads Ohio. It will be available online by April 1 and distributed digitally to more than 250,000 motorcycle enthusiasts.  Over the winter, motorcycle groups have been busy working and fervently planning to offer rides that support various charities and community needs. It’s going to be a year packed full of ride opportunities to support these fine organizations.  


Opportunities to volunteer…

I had the pleasure of meeting Amy Hunting, organizer for Bikers For Boobs.  I have attended and ridden in this event the past two years, but it goes without saying, it is a huge undertaking to make this a successful day.  

Bikers for Boobs is in need for volunteers.  If your group, club or organization is interested in volunteering at the Bikers for Boobs event, your group will receive a free T-shirt and free meal.  If you are part of a group, club, or organization and volunteer together with your group of 10 or more, your group, club or organization name will be put on the event T-shirt. Contact Amy Hunting at 330-730-1566.

New location joins bike nites…

We are excited to welcome The Jailhouse Taverne onboard to the lineup of bike nites.  I met up recently with both Brian Wolbers and Chris Brown, owner and GM of The Jailhouse Tavern.  I discovered this gem 2 summers ago while looking for another good restaurant to try. I personally, was not disappointed! It not only appeased my palate, it has a great location with dedicated paved bike parking. The expanded menu includes smoked ribs, Wednesday wing nites, Burger and Beer Thursdays and topping of Friday and Saturday night Prime Rib specials.   Starting May 5, the sound of loud pipes will roll in for their first bike nite of the season. Memorial Day weekend ushers in summer when the outside stage comes alive with Friday and Saturday live bands. The Jailhouse Taverne honors our first responders and veterans with 10% off their meal. I hope to see you this summer at The Jailhouse Taverne! 


Just a reminder…

If you’re in the market for a better fitting vest, the ladies at 3 Mom’s Stitchin’ in Creston have just the right size for you!  Now you are able to have your very own custom made, and fitted vest! In a world of “one size fits all,” we know that’s far from reality.  So, check out their location on SR 3 in Creston and get fitted the right way. Bring along anything you want to add patches to and they often can stitch on a patch or make repairs to your leather. www.3momsstitchin.com

Our friends at Amish Country Leather in Berlin, Ohio are all stocked up with new boots, chaps, jackets and helmets.  You’ll also find a nice variety of purses, sunglasses, cup holders, and biker apparel and accessories.  


I’m very excited about 2020!  I appreciate the opportunity to be a part of a family that shares in the love of the ride as well as community.  

“Don’t count the wheels, just enjoy the ride”

Spyder Lilly Luvee

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