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Winter has been pretty kind to those of us in Northeast Ohio to date. These warmer temperatures are a hint that Spring is just around the corner. However, Spring in Ohio means we can have measurable snowfall, rain showers or summer like temperatures. Sometimes, all in one day.  

Spring also signifies the return of racing. Whether it be Flat Track, Supercross or Road Racing it is that time of year when racing ramps up.

MotoAmerica’s 2020 schedule is out and this year things look a little different as Superbike racing returns to the famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway. What does that mean for those of us in Northeast Ohio? We will now have two venues within a reasonable driving distance to take in American Road Racing at its best. Only 18 days away, the action starts April 3-4 in Texas with a 10-race schedule finishing September 19-20 in Alabama.

Also new on the schedule is the MotoAmerica mini cup. This series is held on those MotoAmerica venues with karting tracks. It will feature four classes of racing: 110cc (four speed); 160cc; 190 cc (racers aged up to 14 years); and 190 adult (racers over the age of 15). This series provides an entry point for riders under the age of 14 preparing them for the jump to the Liqui Moly Junior Cup.  One of those venues is Pittsburgh International Raceway (PittRace) in Wampum, Pennsylvania about an hour and forty minutes from Cleveland. Essentially in our backyard. I had the opportunity to watch these kids in action last year. I am happy to see MotoAmerica add this mini cup to the schedule. These kids are exciting. And this series will promote youth racing in America. 

Hope to see you at a track sometime this season.

As always ride safe,

Denise Kennedy

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