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Stolen Valor – Final Word October

I think when most of us hear Stolen Valor, we think of the military. Some knob head walking around pretending to be a soldier for the positive attention it may garner themselves. But in actuality it can mean simply taking credit for actions not completed. It’s election time, and down here in Florida some chick was running for some office, and she lied about her degree from a college in Ohio. A little fact checking by a watch dog group exposed that even though she somehow actually posted a picture holding her degree, that she never actually finished college and the picture is a fake. Now for me, she’s a perfect political candidate. Hell, she hasn’t even been elected and she’s already lying! Ha!

I am often asked what I think about these pop-up clubs that literally start overnight and sew on their new 1% diamonds fresh off the internet patch store. To me, it’s the same thing- Stolen Valor. Most clubs that I know that wear a 1% diamond, have done so for 40+ years. It’s literally impossible to live the 1% lifestyle of the days of old in modern times, as most will end up quickly in prison in this snitch a** crybaby society. Too many sell outs and too many cell phones. Yes, it is also true in my opinion that many clubs wearing the 1% are living off the reputation of a 30 or 40-year-old history, and not the base of their current membership. But that’s another article maybe someday. So, what do I think of these clubs popping up all over and putting on a diamond? I think you’re 30 years too late, and you are trying to steal the recognition and notoriety of past MC clubs whose members actually paid the price of that diamond, and at the very least, their older members probably earned it. I think that you should also know that pretty much all of us in the MC life with history feel the same as I do. You look stupid, not intimidating or “cool”, or to be feared or respected. In fact the total opposite. We are not afraid of you, nor do we respect you simply because you sewed on a 1% diamond. You look stupid and desperate. Hell, Ted Bundy admitted to murdering 30 people, but he didn’t wear a 1% diamond, and he was truly a dangerous man. Don’t fear the man that tells you he’s dangerous, fear the man who shows you.

What most of these egos driven “leaders” fail to realize is that they are putting their brothers in potential of harms way, simply to satisfy their own inflated opinion of themselves. In most cases, these pop up “nomad” rockers and 1% diamond wearing clubs rarely last 2-5 years. Many are made up of failures from multiple other established clubs, and they washed out for their lack of commitment, or for putting themselves above the brotherhood, and their old habits now follow them to their newest endeavor at pretending to be something that they are not. We remain unimpressed. You want to impress us? Find an established nation, earn their respect, join them and make them better. That’s a real 1%er in my book.

Keep it Real, by Being Real!

My Road Name is Tabasco, and I approve this message.

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