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Take off those masks!

Wow! One solid year and here we are…ready to take off the masks and get back to life as we know it! Or are we? It has been a long time coming and we are all up to our noses with having to carry on as if all has been for ‘the common good’. Many have lost their battles, many have been affected one way or another. All of us have come together even when apart. But the worst part of all was the masking.

Living behind the mask can only protect you for a moment, not for a lifetime. As a matter of fact, it keeps you from freely living and breathing as you were created to live. It might keep dangers from coming in, but it doesn’t allow for the bad to go out. Nope, that just stays there dormant or worse, re-entering and reinfecting you.

Some of us wear a mask that isn’t made of cloth or plastic. It’s a mask of deceit for who we truly are. Some of us hide our true selves from others for many reasons. One is so that people don’t really see our pain and struggles, so we put on a smiling mask and act like all is cool. Some of us put on a tough mask and walk around like we have a chip on our shoulders so that no one can come into our heart and hurt us. Those masks are pretty dangerous because they are the kind that becomes the ‘I will hurt you before you hurt me’ attitude and it usually ends up biting you in the backside.

There’s one that never has worn a mask…He’s the one that just puts it out there and says, ‘This isn’t the time to be unreal, this isn’t the time to hide behind the mask. This is the time to come out from the shadows and be everything that you were created to be and more!’ Because of Him I don’t wear a mask and am revealing to you my true purpose here…to bring you hope for the future and an expected end. To bring you out from behind your mask and into the reality that you are here for a real purpose. We have been in the shadows for way too long, separated from all that we know and love for far longer than anyone should be, and forced into a place of despair and discouragement that God has not ever intended for us to be.

Today, rise up, take off the masks both physically and emotionally and come into your rightful place and purpose! We are here for you … no deceptions, no masks, just the reality that you are accepted and loved by the One Who is more real than anyone on this planet.

Come ride with us this summer! We have a lot going on and you are always welcome wherever we are! The bike blessings have been awesome, and we have loved seeing you all there! If you didn’t make it, we are out here and ready to bless you anytime you are ready! We will be at the Harley Drags, Allen County AMA Races, Vintage Days in Mid Ohio, and so much more! Join us for our State Rally July 30th-August 1st at Pickerington Church of the Naz. We will be out under the pavilion having a great time or out on the roads riding and taking in the sights!

Time to fly…whoops…I think the wind just blew off my mask! Oh well….


Mary G

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