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The Harvest of New Beginnings

As I sit and write this article, I am surrounded by fields that have just been harvested. Golden fields of corn, wheat and beans yielding their fruit for the harvest. The ground will then be plowed under for a restful winter, preparing beneath the snow and cold for yet another planting in the Spring. Fast forward to January and the reading of this comes to your eyes. January is always looked at as the time of new beginnings. We laid to rest our yesterdays and under the soil of life, we look for new ways to improve ourselves and our circumstances, in hopes that it will bring about a good change. We make a resolve to lose weight, exercise, quit our addictions or something that will bring change. Rex and I are starting a new position which will require a greater commitment of time and resources, however, will ultimately bring a good change to those we serve.

Every change has its challenges, every new beginning has bumps in the road. It’s how we handle the bumps that make the endeavor a success or failure. If we give up at the first sign of trouble, or the first sign of weakness, we have failed. However, if we push forward on the controls and keep pressing on, we will succeed. Kind of like plowing hard ground, sometimes you need to go around the field a few times for the ground to be soft enough to receive the new seeds.

I know…you are like, “Why is she talking about farming? We are Bikers!” And we put our bikes away for the winter, too, (sometimes). We let them rest, and while they are resting, we think about the changes we would like to make to improve the ride in the Spring. Maybe a new set of pipes, or a heated seat. A backrest for the hubby so he can ride on the trike with you…oh wait, that’s just my fantasy wish list, sorry. Anyway, you get the drift. Change is good and the best way I know for you to make a change, is to introduce you to the love of a wonderful Savior, Jesus Christ. He will bring a change in you that was worth dying for and sow seeds in you that will bring new life. Ask me how…anytime, anywhere. Have a blessed New Year and start polishing…Spring is closer than you think!

Mary G.

Rex and Mary Gilbert

CMA Ohio State Coordinators


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