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The Sixties Are Over – Final Word March

For many of us, the Motorcycle Clubs of the fifties, sixties and seventies are things we hear and read about from those who came before us. Even for those of us still in clubs that have been around since then, the stories we hear recall images of thick 35mm black and white photos of Panheads, Knuckleheads, Shovelheads, old school bikers in rag tag clothes smelling of grease and oil, booze and smokes. If your club has that kind of history like mine does, these images, stories and the few relics left of those days gone by are treasures for your club. Having been born into an MC family, I know my old man has a war chest in his closet that I will take the responsibility of some day. It’s an old steamers trunk full of old news articles from runs in the 60s and 70s of big parties and LE raids on the club, and of his brothers lost too soon. There are some artifacts like old sets of colors, belt buckles and brass knuckles, etc. These are my family heirlooms. More valuable to me than a brick of gold!

I think of the events I hear in the stories I’ve been told by old school brothers and my family. Some of the stories are quite colorful. I wonder sometimes if they had it easier or harder than we do today with respect to law enforcement. In this day and age, there are cameras EVERYWHERE, cell phones, and nosey citizens. Add to that, prosecutors currently are ridiculous. It used to be some boys could have an old-fashioned fist to cuffs and no one got shot, no one went to the hospital most of the time, and if cops showed up, no one really cared. Oh, not these days. By God someone must PAY! The state or county is going to comb through every video they can find to make sure they get that good ole arrest and court date. I mean hell, they must pay their own salaries somehow right? It’s like putting the tiger in charge of the meat cooler isn’t it? They decide to charge people even if no victim files charges. So, they can keep that good old revenue stream pouring in. It is ludicrous.

One must be ever vigilant when faced with a situation where a disagreement must be settled the old-fashioned way. Yes, us clubs may have differences sometimes, but remember, even though the sixties are over, law enforcement and the American IN-justice system is still the hypocritical enemy in most cases, in my humble opinion. So, handle your business, but be wise to always be aware of your surroundings. Pops used to tell me, “sometimes we hated each other from one club to the next, but we ALL HATED law enforcement”.  This was much the mentality of the major clubs from back in the day. Us versus them. Them being citizens and LE, not each other!

My Road Name is Tabasco. Keep it Real!

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