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The United States vs The Mongols MC

If you are a member of ANY type of organized club, MC or otherwise, and aren’t aware of this legal case, you should be. The United States Government has renewed its attempt to sue the Mongols MC, to take away their individual rights to be a member of their club, and to wear any logo, due the actions of a few. I suggest you google the case docket. The original case was dismissed in 2015, but the government filed an appeal to re-file the case in 2016, and that appeal has been approved and now once again the government is trying take away US citizens rights to organize in a free society. Whether you love or hate the Mongols MC isn’t relevant. What’s relevant is the overreaching federal governments attempt to take away or destroy any organization that they don’t agree with. Even members who have never been convicted of a crime.

This is a very slippery slope. The government contends that since there have been members associated with the Mongols MC who have been convicted of committing crimes, then ALL members are guilty. This is literally the most hypocritical case in recent US history. There are literally hundreds of law enforcement members who are convicted of crimes every year in the US. So, in using their logic, all members of the FOP (Fraternal Order of Police) must ALL be culpable in the crimes of the few? Law Enforcement by their own definition is now a criminal organization. How will that go for the catholic church? There are thousands of cases, of decades of pedophile child abuse, even acknowledged by the Pope himself. Will the government go after the catholic church next declaring it a criminal organization, and seize its assets and crosses right off the walls?

This case has never ending implications should the government ever win it. They will set a precedence that any organized group of people, that the government deems inappropriate could be sued, arrested, and disbanded simply for associating with one another in a common cause. A federal court rejected the initial trademark forfeiture case and ordered the Justice Department to pay $253,206 in legal fees to the attorneys who challenged it. Prosecutors returned with a new indictment against the Mongols MC, described as a distinct legal entity. The US government has become the enemy of its citizens in so many cases across this nation. It’s disgusting and in direct opposition of our fore fathers who organized this country against a tyrannical British government. We the people have now become victims of the same tyrannical government we opposed. And it’s out of control.

Pay attention to the big picture. If you can offer support to defend our rights and freedoms, it is your obligation as a citizen of this great nation to do so. Because as Paul Revere is credited with saying… “The Red Coats Are Coming… Again.”

Keep it REAL!

My Road Name is Tabasco, and I approve this message!

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