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Unprecedented? Certainly…

Well, here we are, right in the middle of the strangest set of circumstances we have ever seen. All we can do at this time is wait and pray. It’s a bit unsettling isn’t it? It kind of reminds me of a time when the world of so many was turned upside down because of events that shook their world.

Let’s go back…It was 1 A.D. Jesus had just been crucified and presented himself to many before His ascension into Heaven. He said, “I must go now, but I will send a Comforter to remain with you, who will guide you and teach you, lead you through and with Him in you, you will do greater things than I have done while here on the earth.” So, He sent the Holy Spirit to remain with us until He returns. The disciples weren’t sure what to think of this, so after Jesus went to Heaven, they gathered together in one room to pray and find out what was next. And then it happened! The Holy Spirit fell on them like a fire and they spoke in heavenly languages, went out and preached to all different kinds of people they had never spoken to before and they did it in their language! Those that were hearing could understand everything that was being preached and they were in awe! Revival broke out in the land! So did the havoc! The disciples began to get arrested, and shut up in their homes, prevented from having gatherings and services. It wasn’t a pandemic…it was a fear of an uprising that caused the Romans to flip out and try to stifle the truth! However, truth can never be stifled. It will always prevail, just as Jesus has for over 2000 years.

Listen, is our world shaken? A little bit. Are we headed into a ‘new normal’? Probably. But let me ask you this one question….what have you done during this time, during this pause in your everyday life that could make a difference in the future? Have you mellowed out and learned to be calm? Or have you panicked at every turn wondering what is next? Have you learned what our ancestors learned during the Depression about staying prepared and stocked up ‘just in case’? Have you learned to make do with what you have and been a little more sparing on the toilet paper?

Whatever your situation, whatever the future holds, the true answer to it all is Jesus. Do you think it a coincidence that this is the time of year for all of this to break loose? Of course not, the enemy had a plan to quiet the Believer and disrupt the flow of things by getting everyone over into fear and panic. However, this Believer, along with many others, have been quite busy with prayer, online church, studying more and speaking out more on social media so that all will know Who is really on the Throne! You see, what the enemy meant for evil, God will turn for good. All you need to do is trust in the One Who can see you through…and believe me…it is not the government. Our Leaders are doing all they can to keep it all together, yes indeed! However, please notice how reliant they are on our Creator for wisdom and understanding. Not talking all of them, but most of the ones in the forefront. There are a few that appear to be throwing a cog in the wheel, it’s okay…they won’t get far.  Remember…Truth prevails in every situation.

Rex and I are praying for all of you, no, we have not ever met most of you, doesn’t mean we can’t pray for you. Not only does your general well-being matter to us, your spiritual well-being matters to us as well. There is peace in the message we send, there is hope in the Savior we serve and there is love in our hearts for you. Be blessed, be at rest and be assured that God is in the center of all and His hand will prevail!


Mary G.

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