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Valhalla – Final Word July 2020

As I sit here today, thinking about all that is going on in the world, the Corona Virus, Protests & Riots, I cannot help but be sad about the current state of affairs. I feel like this is not the planet any greater being would have intended. People are so wrapped up in themselves, their opinions and agendas, many humans do not really care about “Lives That Matter”, they only care about themselves. Why are you wasting one valuable second of any day that you are gifted being angry and hateful? 

The value of every day should be evident. Today is the two-year Anniversary of the loss of one of our Young and Bright Club Brothers. His name is Hick. I wish you all would have had the opportunity to share a moment in life with this young man. I was extremely fortunate to have spent some time in his company. I clearly remember the night I met him. He was not a member at the time. He was the Son of a Lifetime Member of our Club. He was spending time with his Dad, and with his Dad’s Club Family. It was apparent immediately that he held the highest regard and respect for our Family as he did his own. Through the course of time, and his own choice, he chose us. I do not know if you all realize how valuable a person is when they Choose to be your Brother. It is the highest Gift and respect anyone can give you. It is the Purest form of Love.

He was not the most outspoken of young men, but he was resolute. He listened more than he spoke. Constantly processing what he was learning. He loved Indian Larry. He loved emulating Indian Larry. He was not reckless. He was Young, Brave and Thoughtful. He Loved Riding his motorcycle. He loved the Wind in his Face. He was not judgmental. His smile was infectious. You know the kind of smile that made you happy that he was happy. He loved his Family, and he loved his Brotherhood. He had more in his young life than men I have know twice his age. And he Valued and Appreciated every minute of it. He was a gift to our Nation, and to this Planet. We are all less without him. We should all learn from him that Life is about the sun in your eyes and the wind in your face. His Life Mattered. Value every second of yours, because Life is Fleeting. It is over before any of us know it. Stop wasting a second of it. 

Today I will smile. Today I will take a moment to appreciate my Club Family. Today I choose to be more like Hick than I was yesterday.

Every day is a battle to shed the negativity life can offer so smile and appreciate the ride. Hick was a Hero, and a Warrior. 


1 : the great hall in Norse mythology where heroes slain in battle are received. 2 : a place of honor, glory, or happiness : heaven an academic’s Valhalla.

Until we meet again my Brother Hick. I will see you in Valhalla. 

My Road Name is Tabasco, Keep it real.

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