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Before anyone even knew what COVID-19 was, we had already started working with ReasonsToRide.com to develop more online resources for our partners and better digital content for our readers.  Then the pandemic struck and digital was the new thing, and even the most traditional of magazines began shifting to digital platforms.  Now COVID is hopefully behind us for the most part – but we are left with a national shortage of paper and sky rocketing costs across the board.  Thankfully, though – we are well prepared.

If you haven’t visited our website recently, I’d really encourage you to check it out.  You can scroll through the magazine with more ease and with more options than ever before.  You can click through on advertisers that interest you, you can easily map to events anywhere in the country with just a few clicks, and you can even sign up for rides and bike shows – without ever leaving our site.  It’s all really cool.

Over the next few months, we will be shifting more and more of our content to the websites and social media pages in the form of BLOGS and VIDEOS.  We’ve already started uploading past features and articles to the BLOGS – but we will soon start posting new original content directly to the websites.

All of our advertisers and core features will stay in the print edition of the magazine, but we will have to rotate around some of our regular contributors to digital only and we will start doing more event / feature content online only. 

For instance, we’ve already uploaded over 4,000 photos from this years Bike Shows and Rallies to our Facebook albums and website.  Page constraints will prevent us from featuring even 5% of these pictures in the print magazine itself – however, they are all online! 

Some event features, such as our comprehensive review of Ohio Bike Week and bigger Bike Shows will have to wait until the off months when we have more pages free.  On a positive note, this will give us more to enjoy in the colder months when we can’t get out and ride as much!


Local riding organizations are invited to come and set up at regional motorcycle events.

Over the next several months, we will be setting up at and helping to host a number of fairly large motorcycle events.   We will be hosting “County Bike Nights” in Union and Lucas counties as part of the county fairs there.  Then later in September, we will be hosting Thunder Zones as part of the Easyriders Rodeos and in Geneva-on-the-Lake during Thunder on the Strip.  In between, we will be out at rides, bike nights, and other local events.

And all of these are great opportunities for local riding organizations to connect with riders…

Many riding organizations just think about setting up to sell t-shirts or to promote an upcoming ride, if that.  Far too few consider setting up just as an opportunity to introduce themselves to other riders and the riding community in general.  A booth with a banner in back and maybe a table with some swag or flyers about an upcoming event – allow you to connect with folks and deliver a strong message about who you are. 

At the upcoming events, we would like to invite local riding organizations out to join us as we set up.  This includes motorcycle ministries, veterans organizations, RC’s, and even MC’s.  For some of the larger events, where there are thousands of riders,  there might be a small charge by the venue for setting up a booth.  In most cases it’s just $50-100 to set up.   If you can sell a stack of shirts or sign up 20-30 more riders for your upcoming ride – that’s money well spent.  Or if you connect with a few strong candidates or have a chance to let the community really know who you are – it’s money well spent.

For more information on coming out to events or to reserve space at a specific event, send us an email at BikeShowInfo@gmail.com


While it seems as though summer has just begun, it’s still time to start thinking about the Fall and maybe even next year as we start planning for Bike Shows, Tattoo Parties, Rides, and Rallies.  One of our clear mandates going forward is to NOT spread ourselves too thin as much as we may have in the past.  So, that means we will be limiting ourselves to less shows and appearances – even as we open up new territories and begin setting up at new venues.

So – if you’re interested in getting on the Tour Schedule for this FALL or even NEXT YEAR – let us know ASAP.  Even if you have a traditional, regular date – PLEASE take a minute and confirm your date for next year.   If you’re considering adding a TOUR STOP – with one of our signature promotions such as the Bike Show, Iron & Ink Tattoo Party, or even just a photo shoot or Bike Night Appearance – let us know right away so we can begin discussions.  Don’t wait until the last moment!

Email us at BikeShowInfo@gmail.com for more information or to lock-in your date(s).

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