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We are so close… April CMA Blog

In just a few days we will be pulling out the bikes, if we haven’t already, and hitting the road to freedom once again! I’ve seen a few brave souls out there in the chilly air and each time I do, I say a prayer for them, as I do for you as the season approaches. The point is, we have the confidence that as we get closer to the riding season, we will get our boots and jackets, get out our bikes and hit the road running!

Confidence. The feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; firm trust. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could have the same confidence in other things or people? If you ride at all, you know that there are times when the machine you’re riding doesn’t respond to you the way you want it to. The battery might be dead, the gas low, the tires worn down to the no thread, just about dead level. Regardless of the issue, the bike won’t go, and you are disappointed or absolutely crushed because it’s a perfect day for a ride! Now you have lost a bit of confidence in the machine, a bit of peace in yourself and the day you were looking forward to spending going for a ride has turned into working on your ride…bummer. It just goes to show you that you can’t rely on machines to bring you total happiness.

Now, I am the type of person that names everything. My bike is Rosie, my car is Coco and my husband is, well, Rex, and other sweet names, but you get the picture. Anything that is endearing to me gets a special name. That name connects me to the person or thing and gives me a sense of confidence in them. An assurance that they are mine and I am theirs. I know, it’s weird, but give me a second and I will bring it around to you again. The level of confidence that I have in Rosie or Coco isn’t the same as the confidence I have in Rex. It’s machine versus man. The same confidence I have in Rex, isn’t the same confidence I have in Jesus. That is man versus God. I trust Rex however, I trust God more because He isn’t going to fail me. The machines most likely will at some point, Rex might, even though he doesn’t set out to, but God will never fail me.

Sometimes, our circumstances look like God isn’t even around, like when the bike doesn’t start or when you are on a trip with friends and someone says, “hey, your tire doesn’t look right” and you need to find a shop right then to get a new one. Another example would be when on a long trip, the motor dies out and you look back and see that there was a bad accident on the route you would have been on had your battery not been dead….it’s then that you realize that God was with you all along and the confident faith you had in Him just got stronger.

Do you have that confidence in someone you cannot see or feel? Can you confidently say on your next ride that you are assured of your arrival to the destination because you are confident in the journey? Can you rest assured in all things that everything will work out well? As I end each article…ask me how you can…

Enjoy the ride!


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