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Well Happy September!

Soon we will be ‘Falling’ into our little comfort zones of chili time and fireside chats, smelling the beautiful autumn air around us as we roll down the roads to catch that last few weeks of comfortable riding time. It does seem as though it hasn’t been much of a summer season though, we missed a lot of your faces and we stayed more than played. For the most part, I believe we have made the best of it…at least I am hoping so.

We have seen a lot of you out riding and have tried to bless as many bikes as we can while out and about. One thing for sure, if you see a CMA’r out riding, just ask and they will gladly bless you and your bike! Keep that in mind when you ride, we won’t bang your head with the good book, we will just pray for you and bless the machine you ride. It’s our heart, it’s what we do. Anytime, anywhere.

You see CMA is about you. We go out on our motorcycles into the community and brotherhood and sisterhood of Bikers because we are a part of the community you are part of. We ride because we understand the freedom that comes with it. We understand the bonds that are forged through adversity and pain; joy and sorrow; laughter and tears. We are not about judgement, but sacrifice, because we know in our obedience to be there in the time of need, the blessings outweigh the sacrifice. It’s who we are, it’s what we do and the reason we are here is for you.

Jesus gave the ultimate sacrifice when He gave His life for all. It didn’t matter to Him who or where we had been, all that mattered to Him was that His obedience would bring you eternal life. So, it is but a small thing we do to give you a cup of water, hot coffee, and a little conversation. We will always pray for you, even when you don’t know it or see us doing it. Not because we think you need it, but because we want to cover you with the same love and protection we have. It’s the CMA way.

The man that started our organization in 1975, Herb Shreve, went out with his son and bought two motorcycles to maintain the father/son relationship. As they rode, they ran into so many more bikers and God laid it on Herb to serve Him by sharing the love of God to the motorcycling community. Now we are well over 200,000+ members, serving in over 40 countries all over the world and loving every minute of it! We are celebrating 45 years this year, Rex and I have been involved with them for 18 years, members for 16 years and we have not ever regretted saying yes to the vest!

Be looking for us out there, our eyes are opened for you as well as our hearts!

We ride for you to decide!

Mary G.

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