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My Brother Fisch said it so well in the November Edition.. I asked him to contribute more.

To all who try to hold me back, shackle my progress forward or try to slow my momentum or question the reason of my purpose.

I am on to all of you, the ones who judge my identity and character, but you have none of your own. I have heard whispers in the shadows about my sanity and mental stability but those who whisper do so because they have no voice of their own only exploiting the weakness of others so who is the one truly unstable?

I have witnessed those who always have their hand on the stick waiting for the moment anxiously and impatiently so they can quickly stir the cesspool of a pot we call our lives and to try to keep us off balance or spinning out of control whenever they seize the opportunity and chance to cause us missed opportunities or put in more effort to accomplish our goals or our success only because they don’t get our methods or path. 

To all the ones who try to set me up with empty meanings and words followed by false promises and leaders who only see themselves as prophets of the cause but out of touch with themselves and looking to fill their own voids off the efforts of others.

Shame on you for jumping so quickly to tear me down to make yourself feel as if you have a purpose because you’re lost, and you fear me and my confidence because you have none of your own.

Shame on you when you tempt me with the easy road and cause me and others to fail by skipping important steps that end up with a relationship based on mistrust and lack of confidence or hesitation, when your loyalty and integrity should be in question because you have it only for yourself and your ways and are only concerned about your own self-preservation.

Shame on you who challenge me on what I love when you come from a nation that has a cracked foundation and crumbling pillars because you lost the meaning and ways of what is important for all instead of only what’s right for you is all that matters

I am on to you as you say you feel for me but your never around or participating as you once did because now your priorities changed, and you choose your brothers second now and that hurts not just me but all and I know your better than that.

Do not bull$hit me and set me up on a platform because I am …known, strong, loved and respected by most that know me and others that want to roll with me and see my vision of what we truly should show all nations and that’s nothing more righteous and solid but being true and real to your brothers and putting all of them before yourself, and speak the truth to all who need to hear it. Be who you are no matter the cost.

There are many great experiences I’ve encountered in my life and many more to come.  I love who I am and what I represent and though many disagree with my delivery no one has ever questioned my loyalty, commitment, or integrity. You get me and that is all I can give you and that’s always gonna be enough because what I give is real.

The flame that burns inside me every day that gives me drive and focus can never be extinguished because it represents who I love, what I love. All who give it in return to me as long as I know others like me who struggle with the worlds infatuation with what they call normal and proper and trying to create a no individualism environment because all are equal, so none are unique is bull$hit and a lie.

Be real my brothers like me no matter the nation.  I only need one wingman with me that is real.  I know we are rare but those who represent as I do will always be welcomed to ride with me in this life and the next.  Real is my power and my truth.

Fisch/AFFN – Always Real

My Road name is Tabasco, and I can testify, Fisch is as real as it gets.

Happy New Year – Keep it REAL!

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